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23 years 7 months ago #55482 by camden
Replied by camden on topic RE: Speech
I did my first one last week. I was very nervous and spent a fair amount of time trying to write a speech. This is what I learned. 1)Keep it simple. There are probably a 2-3 important messages you need to get across at the event. Don't hope to get all of your ideas, hopes and dreams for your organization across in one speech. You'll have other chances and if your organization has a newsletter that might be a better forum for truly thoughtful messages. 2)Remember, all those people are parents just like you. They came to the meeting for information and that is why they are listening to you. They assume you have more information then they do. Run with that. 3)Finally, and a lot of people may disagree with me, but don't start with a joke (unless your Jay Leno). The best you'll get is polite laughter and that may make you even more uncomfortable. My suggestion is start by thanking everyone for coming, tell them you appreciate the chance to speak to them and then identify the 2-3 messages you want to deliver. Good Luck.
23 years 7 months ago #55481 by lfrank
Speech was created by lfrank
Please help.

Need to give my first speech as PTO president next week and was wondering if anyone had any ideas? How to start off successfully something like that. HELP....
I do not like speaking in front of people, so I need all the help I can get.


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