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Election of new officers

23 years 1 month ago #55724 by Marion
Replied by Marion on topic RE: Election of new officers
The first thing you should do is check your by-laws. They should indicate whether or not a teacher can run.

Remember, it's a Parent-Teacher Organization, so you want teachers involved. Also, the PTO doesn't exist to benefit parents, but rather to benefit students. In our case, the VP is a teacher, and that's been a great benefit to the PTO. She's our main liason with the teachers, she runs some of the programs within the school for us, and she's a contact for me (the President) if I need something done at school and I can't get in) She's also very attuned to what the students and teachers need.

23 years 1 month ago #55723 by Joseph245
Election of new officers was created by Joseph245
Can a Teacher of the school be elected as the
president of the PTO ? What do the parents benefit if it is an insider ? Is this legal ?
Please respond A.S.A.P
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