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rules of the pto president

23 years 1 month ago #55727 by bulldog
rules of the pto president was created by bulldog
We are a small school and right now our pto president is not liked by very many people in the school and community. The 1st vp is her best friend and everyone feels the same about her. The problem is they don't want anyone else to be involved in the pto they want it for themselves. They always refer to the funds as there money. People want to rejoin the pto but won't with them in charge.
I have asked the President for copies of the minutes and she won't give them to me....she told me to come to the meeting. They changed the bylaws and passed them by the Excective committee voting so we don't even know what the new bylaws are. We are suppose to have elections in a few days and they vp is suppose to move up to President buy we don't want her. They don't want to take nominations from the floor. We have more problems but can someone help with what I have listed so far. THANKS
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