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Can they do this???

23 years 3 weeks ago #55799 by kak
Replied by kak on topic RE: Can they do this???
Have you asked to see the principal's budget? I would think that should be open to the public. I know that our school budget will be cut in half next year. That means our PTO will have to step up to the plate to help out. Maybe you would rather pay for a teacher seminar or computer software or something like that. I would check out the facts first and then go from there. Make sure you are at the budget meeting for next year. If phone bills have been voted in on budget, they don't have to have a separate vote every time.
23 years 3 weeks ago #55798 by PTABarb
Replied by PTABarb on topic RE: Can they do this???
NO NO NO to the phone bill and other stuff! I agree with the above poster, You need to get some bylaws and rules going. I'm surprised your group stil is able to make money on a fundraiser IF the PTO members know of all of this.

Good luck. This kind of thing happens at our middle schools, and it's tough. I chose just to JOIN PTSA there, and do nothing else. I am not feeding the principal's every whim.
23 years 3 weeks ago #55797 by JJ
Replied by JJ on topic RE: Can they do this???
Okay this has to be the most absurd situation I have heard of so far...No the pto should not be paying the school's phone bill...they do have a budget for that! As far as the copy machine/paper we buy paper in the beginning of the year and the school does use it but when we run out we also use theirs as conserve paper we use only one sheet for our newsletter and on the other side the school puts their newsletter.

I can see why your pto is upset first off do you have a yearly budget? If not for next year you need to have one and ask the membership to vote on the items that you want to pay. In our bylaws we cannot make any purchase over $50.00 without a vote...if you have anything similar in yours the next time your handed the phone bill you can tell the principal I'm sorry but this expense now has to be voted on. Is your principal on your bank account? It is the PTO's money not the principal...the members are the ones that say where the money goes. It is time to stand up for your members and your organization. To heck with repercussions you have no control as it need to check with other pto's in the district and see if they are all be used in the same manner if they are it is time to talk to the principal's and/or the school board...I'm wondering if the school board is aware that the pto is paying their bills because as I said before each building has a budget to pay for such expenses...if they spent all of theirs where did it go or how well are they managing it? It is time to be a pto and take back control...good luck:)
23 years 3 weeks ago #55796 by JJ
Can they do this??? was created by JJ
During the school year our pto usually
raises 10,000 $ . My problem is our
principal runs the show..making the decisions, how to spend the money, where
trips are to be taken, etc, although she is not the president of the organiztion. Our pto also pays for the phone bill of the school
and for copy machine and paper for school.
Is this legal? Parents are very upset over this but we afraid to say anything due to repercussions. Is there anything to do?
Any info would be greatly appreciated..
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