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pta problems

23 years 2 weeks ago #55803 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: pta problems
I am truly sorry to hear this is going on. I am glad that you realize this is the board you currently have and that it is not PTA. Please try to contact your PTA Council, if you do not know how to get ahold of that level please contact your state PTA There is almost always contact information for their board of managers and I am sure with a little patience you will get through to someone who will assist you. I would be very happy to assist you. These things happen unfortunately but they do not need to continue unchecked. I am guessing Santa Rosa is in California. Go to I am sure you will at least find an email link. I am sorry for your trouble.
23 years 2 weeks ago #55802 by Dave
pta problems was created by Dave
Our school seems to have a messed up board. elections are not done by the rules and our president has been in office at least 4 or more years. The parents were not notified of our last meeting due to the president only posting the meeting at the school instead of the usual handout to the kids. This meeting was for the election of officers. The treasure submitted a false report a month or so ago withholding 4 checks from the report due to them not being cashed. they were not even taken out of the total so we would know what we really had in the bank prior to us voting on where to spend more.
Where can the parents of our California school go for help???? Thanks in advance.

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