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Exec. Board member arrested for fraud

22 years 10 months ago #55900 by jarsmommy
Replied by jarsmommy on topic RE: Exec. Board member arrested for fraud
Forgive me for my ignorance and also correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that you could not be bonded if you have been convicted of a felony?
If tis is correct then that is your way out of this predicament. Only bonded persons are allowed to handle money.
If you and your Board are still leary, then you have your By-laws to back you up (hopefully), ours states that any board member may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive Board, whenever it is the judgement of the Board that the best interest of the PTO would be served by such an action.
Something to think about!
22 years 10 months ago #55899 by plw
I have had to deal with very much the same issue. Totally allowable and usually expected is for your group to have "money managers". These are the only people who can collect any money. Our treasurers pretty much need to be at any money event. There are instances where you may need more than one. They are designated well before the event. Dances were a problem because kids paid in advance, at the door and at concession stand. The treasurer or person designated was the "money handler" for the night and ran around leaving only the minimum in cash boxes. We always have at least two people count money and sign the deposit slip. Don't forget this is a bonding issue also. Anyone handling the money should be bonded. We get our bonding insurance through a local insurance company. Included in the bonding are the president, ways and means chair and treasurer. Hope this helps!
22 years 10 months ago #55898 by
Exec. Board member arrested for fraud was created by
Our New exec board member (Rec Secretary) was arrested for possesion of stoelen merchandise and assuming the identity of someone else for other illegal purposes. She did plead guilty when found out. We are leary of allowing her to deal with fundraisers or cash handling of any sort. Has anyone else out there had to deal with this? She has not spoken to us re; this issue , but it was in our local paper. We are about to have an exec session before the school year starts, but don't want to include her just yet. Is there any precedant as to how to handle this, or does anyone have any ideas? We feel that she should resign so there will be no questions as to how finances are handled.
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