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Old PTO Board trying to railroad out New PTO Board

22 years 9 months ago #55934 by YRS
I think you are absolutly correct! There is more here than meets the eye, but it may not be what this community might think. I have taken the time to become familiar with this situation. During the course of my investigation, I have found nothing to suggest that the new board has not followed the by-laws as they are written. Furthermore, the only mis-use of funds that should be in question are some large expenditures from "previous" years that would appear were not receipted for appropriately and purchases of alcoholic beverages with PTO funds prior to the new president's tenur. Frankly, I would like to know why funds that our children work so hard to raise were being spent for these types of activities? The only slanderous activity that I, as a parent, a member of this PTO and concerned member of this community have witnessed has been by a few people that did not want to let go of something that they seem to think they personally own. Sorry to send this wake-up call, but this is a community funded organization. I am not surprised that the new board felt that they needed legal guidance in this situation and believe that they had every right to do so. As far as the "States Attorney", the only reason to believe that the "States Attorney" is even involved is that is what those few people have said. As far as this parent and member is concerned, I say bring it on! I beleive that the "States Attorney" and the US Government would be very interested in the fact that this PTO "may" not be appropriately registered as a non-profit organization. Isn't it interesting to note that former officers that had publicly resigned from their positions on the new board and were legally replaced "may" now be listed as signers on a PTO bank account with complete access to those funds? Was there an election held that this community was not made aware of? I am just a concerned, but very informed parent. You are correct, this is supposed to be about our children. Maybe you can tell all of this community what went wrong?
22 years 9 months ago #55933 by YRS
Is it possible that there is more here than meets the eye?
If the entire old PTO board is having a problem with the president, is it possible that something is going on with the new board? Could the new board be misusing funds? Is it possible the new board is not following the Bi-laws? Is it possible the new board is publically slandering the old president, the old executive board, and the members of PTO? Is it really nessecary to need to hire an attorney to protect the new executive board from the members of PTO? After all why would a States Attorney be investigating the new board.
I am just a concerned but informed parent. This is suppose to be all about the children! What went wrong!
22 years 10 months ago #55932 by momofroucru
I really feel for this president. If you have those always working against you how can you do what needs to be done for the teachers and the kids? If I were her I would be blunt with these people. If they feel they can do it let them. On the otherhand she was voted in and there had to be a majority of the votes for her. Where are these people that voted for her. If they are there than they need to step up and tell this old board to support her. It is just hurting the schools when things like what you describe happens. It sounds to me like they are acting like the children more than the adults. Good luck! Your president is in my thougts and I hope that she will get the support that she needs to carry out the agenda for this school year.
22 years 10 months ago #55931 by mykidsmom
How many parents feel the way you do aout all this? You know the more support one has the easier it is to come together to help out the one that needs it the most- the President! She must have some parents in the PTO that like her ideas etc, because quite honestly I'm really concerned about her! It's really hard to go into the lion's den when you look like a huge steak!
I was the Secretary the year our Vice President decided to take on the school board because 14 teachers were not coming back. That didn't work so she accused the Principal of misapproration of funds and had a whole ban of misinformed parents with her. I was left out and barely got out of it with my good name intact!
Just support her and get support for her! Encourage your President, once "they" see she has support and can do this office....well, we can be optimistic!!
22 years 10 months ago #55930 by LKKA
First of all let me tell you that we are a community PTO with four schools, 4,000 kids and one PTO. (I personally think they should split them up). I tryed to get some changes in our old PTO last year and took it to the school board. The only good thing that happened was that someome who was at the school board meeting for any unrelated topic went started going to the PTO meetings and became involved and got herself elected as the new President but the old board is going over her head and around her back and doing everything they can to undermind her. There is so much going on that I don't even have time or space to mention it all. Any suggestions??
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