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how do you "run" a meeting?

22 years 9 months ago #55944 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: how do you "run" a meeting?
I redid the link above so it works now but I will email the mock meeting file if I can find it.
22 years 9 months ago #55943 by nicurn
hi plw, could you email me your sample of running a meeting, I have tried clicking on your link a few times but I keep getting file not found or file unavailable. Thanks maggie
22 years 9 months ago #55942 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: how do you "run" a meeting?
nicurn, I am assuming that your PTA is associated with National PTA. If this is the case National will be sending you their National Resources that will include the how to on all of the questions you just asked. Usually the resources are sent out in the beginning of July but, since their convention resulted in many changes it is very late this year. Last years is on line at and the info is there also. There is also information available in Robert's Rules of Order.It states on page 342 of the 10th edition:
1. Read and approve minutes
2. Officers reports, executive board, executive committee, and standing committee reports.
3. Reports from special committees.
4. Special orders of the day.
5. Unfinished Business
6. New business

PTA includes Pledge of Allegiance to open meeting.
Thought of the day or inspirational message and at the end sometimes a program or speakers finishing with announcements.
These are general headings and though some people do not list all the reports, I like to and who will be giving the report. It helps people know who is doing what and their names.
On our council site I have posted a mock meeting. It brings you through an average meeting with the proper "script" on how to approve minutes, and so on. Go to,1871,0-163653-41-38210,00.html . Though it does not include everything you may run across it covers a basic meeting.
I always have an individual agenda/script with the proper wording I need to use because I have forgotten this silliest things, even the treasurer's name! You just never know what kind of night you are going to have. I also leave plenty of room to take my own notes during reports. Hope this helps.

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22 years 9 months ago #55941 by nicurn
hi everyone, I am a new president this year, really didn't go to any pta meetings last year (dd only in kindergarten last year). How do I run a meeting? I would like to have our agenda out the week before the meeting so that parents can see it, but I'm not really sure what to put on that. I know the committee chairpeople are supposed to give their reports, we still have to discuss the chocolate fundraiser, we need to re-write some of our bylaws, and we should probably discuss standing rules, as president what do I do? Thanks
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