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Changes to the bylaws

22 years 9 months ago #55968 by jarsmommy
Replied by jarsmommy on topic RE: Changes to the bylaws
I'm gonna go on memory, and sometimes that gets dangerous, but when we amended our bylaws we typed up a document that had 3 separate columns.
First column was the actual bylaw how it was written.
Second Column was the actual amendment.
Third column was how the new document would read if the amendment passes.

This was the way we presented it to our Membership, it passed, so we sent that as our way of fulfilling what IRS needed. Oh, we also retyped the whole Bylaws document, signed by all who had worked on the amendments, which was the Executive Board, and sent that along with it.
It must have served its purpose because we never heard they needed further documentation.
Good Luck!
22 years 9 months ago #55967 by jjant
Changes to the bylaws was created by jjant
Our PTO revised their bylaws last year. As part of the 990 tax return, I am supposed to send a "Conformed copy" of any changes to the by-laws to the I.R.S. Does anyone have any suggestions what a "conformed copy" is. (hint: the 990 instructions say it is one that agrees with the original document and all amendments to it. How can a bylaw that has been amended agree with the original document. Any help is appreciated.
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