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scary prez

22 years 9 months ago #56012 by kathyHill
scary prez was created by kathyHill
Our school was just created last year and very few people show up for PTO meetings. I volunteered for the treasurer postition because no one else did. Later in the year another person I will call Jenny volunteered for the president position. It seems not all is right with Jenny and although she is very gung ho about "getting everything going" this year for the PTO, she is not quite telling everyone the whole truths about everyone else and she seems to think she can make our PTO a corporation. SHe is spending money on office equipment for "Her personal office" without votes and what I am wondering is, are there any PTO bylaws in place that we can review for the proper running of this? Don't we get to vote on what is spent? PLease help me out here in INDY!
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