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How about a teacher a PTO meeting?

17 years 2 months ago #130379 by mrshlmorris
I am new to this PTO thing and am actually really getting into it. Can't wait till my girls are in the High School so I can join the Boosters.

But I have a question and I think that it is very important that they (teachers) are involved especially when they only come to the meetings when they want something.

What if or is this too much to ask. If each month only one teacher needs to represent the teachers at meeting. This way it is only once a year that a teacher needs to come. But the teachers can inform us of what they need, what is going on with the kids, what is working and what is not. What is new and what needs to be over and done with. And since not all parents come to the PTO meetings maybe the ones that don't come come to the teachers and the teachers can tell us what they are saying or not saying.

I just think that it is the teachers responsiblity too. And by only requiring one teacher at the meeting representing the teachers it is not asking a lot. And the old timers can really put this off on the newcomers if need be. But is this not called the "PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION????

Heather L Morris
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Heather L Morris<br />
<br>VP PTO Washington Elementary
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