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Teacher Involvement in PTO Activities

11 years 1 month ago #163539 by Rose H
Hi Patricia!

You could also try meeting with the teachers (check with the principal, perhaps it is possible at the start of the school year) to talk to them about what funds you have, what your goals are and ask them to share their goals as well. This goes toward feeling more like you are working together. Let them know you have limited funds and volunteers and while you try to fulfill each individual request, it is really hard to do so. Working together, perhaps you can come up with funding plans that do benefit entire grades or the school as a whole, as MIDAD says.

Another idea is to set up a grant program and let the teachers know that XXX amount will be available for the coming year to fund specific requests. You can then evaluate requests and allot just those funds you have already designated as grant money.

If teachers have small requests for classroom supplies, consider getting your school involved in ( That's our sister site. Teachers can create wish lists (along with classroom supply lists) and easily share that information with parents. That way, parents can make small, inexpensive donations to the classroom.

Good luck!

Rose C
Community Manager
11 years 1 month ago #163531 by MIDad
How about adopting a policy that says requests for money will be prioritized by the number of volunteer hours put in by the teacher and parents of kids in the teacher's classroom?

Alternatively, you could decide to spend your money on things that would benefit the entire school instead of individual classrooms. Maybe you need new playground equipment, or more locally grown food in the cafeteria, or a community garden, or new technology?
11 years 1 month ago #163529 by Patricia
Teacher Involvement in PTO Activities was created by Patricia
I am the PTO President/Treasurer for our school. We have only about 5-9 parents that actually volunteer to help with PTO activities. We have very little teacher involvement except when they ask for money for new budget items. The current small group of volunteers are beginning to experience burnout and some anger towards teachers always asking for more money but not volunteering. The majority of our PTO volunteers work full-time. I need any ideas on how to get the staff and teachers involved more before I start cancelling events or invoking a volunteer requirement time for all teachers. HELP!!!
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