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Should PTA pay $1000 for teacher lunch?

9 years 7 months ago #166497 by Long Haired Hippy
Replied by Long Haired Hippy on topic Should PTA pay $1000 for teacher lunch?
I have never understood the need to spend tons of money on feeding teachers! I have NEVER had a job where I expected food delivered to me once a month! In my younger child's school. We do lunches four times a year for the teachers and guess what? They do one for us too! For those teachers, I'd do anything! At my other child's school, they feed the teachers once a month, pot luck style and they ASK FOR MORE! They have actually told us things like "next time, you need to make sure you have more food". Can you imagine doing that in ANY other profession? I too think $1,000 is ridiculous. Do a potluck!
10 years 2 months ago #165673 by JanCartwright
It all depends... what is your overall budget? I personally wouldn't spend more than 5% or so on a lunch like that - but it completely depends on your school, their budget, the other things on the year's agenda, etc. When budgeting I always try to think, "If I allocate funds to X, what are the Y(s) that I would have to give up or cut back on?" Hope that helps!
10 years 2 months ago #165617 by kim
Our school is doing a staff lunch but we are using our spirit night vendors since they give us money. Usually for our staff of 50 we spend 300.00. Yes it is fast food but who cares its a free lunch. I think that treating our staff good makes our students happier. Just like at home if Moms ain't happy ain't no body happy.
10 years 2 months ago #165604 by Barbara C.
Replied by Barbara C. on topic Re:Should PTA pay $1000 for teacher lunch?
I agree with the others, don't just turn it down. Consider a compromise and keep within a budget.

Go to a local restaurant and ask them if they'd work with your school. Many restaurants are willing to give schools a deal. We get lunch from an Italian restaurant and spend about $600 to feed 75 people. Last year, we had chicken marsala, baked ziti, cheese lasagna, salad and rolls.
10 years 2 months ago #165602 by lisagaga
You might want to look into a culinary school in the area to do the catered lunch. We have our VoTech cater our lunches! It is really cheap! 1000.00 is crazy!!
10 years 2 months ago #165601 by Amy Hutchison
Replied by Amy Hutchison on topic Re:Should PTA pay $1000 for teacher lunch?
The teachers took it upon themselves last year to book an expensive luncheon for Service Personnel Day and then came to us to foot the bill. We did it, but this year we have not allowed that to happen. We have some very gifted bakers and cooks among our small (but mighty) group and do it ourselves. It saves hundreds of dollars. My take? They shouldn't demand to be shown appreciation, and I believe a $1000 lunch is WAY over the type.
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