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PTO board on site?

9 years 2 weeks ago #167201 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic PTO board on site?
Hi MommaP,

We think you can create good working relationships with the principal and teachers in a variety of ways that do not require you to physically be in the building. Years ago, yes -- it was just about the only way to stay connected. But now you can do so my email, on Facebook, texts, and phone calls. Sure, you need to be there for the big stuff, but your on-site presence isn't the only thing that counts these days.

Rose C
9 years 2 weeks ago #167188 by MommaP
PTO board on site? was created by MommaP
Curious to know how many of you have a PTO board member on site at the school every day? How critical do you think it is to have someone physically there? Have you had success getting administrative/teacher support even if you aren't a visible, physical presence every day?

Our PTO is struggling, as we don't have anyone on site. It's perceived by the principal/teachers/staff as us not being invested??? Unfortunately, we all work full time, so we are only able to be there when we take time off from work. (Which we do, without fail, when we are running events, etc.)

We communicate quite often through email, notices, Facebook, PTO web page, but that isn't enough. What more can we be doing? Suggestions?

PS When we ask these same admin/staff for suggestions or input, we get no response. We're stuck!
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