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School council(committee) meetings

24 years 8 months ago #62730 by Peter
Replied by Peter on topic RE: School council(committee) meetings
Hi Val,
I try to either attend or watch on local cable access. They are worthwhile. Any time you can get information on what will affect the kids now or in the near future,is definitely worth it. As President of our PTC I have had occasion to address the School Committee a few times and to get involved. One of the surprises I had was the amount of information discussed and the amount of future planning that is done. I usually end up learning about a program I did not know existed or one that is being planned, etc...
24 years 8 months ago #62729 by Val
I was just wondering how many of you attend the School Counsil meetings? or even the School committee meetings? And if so, do you find them worthwhile?
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