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clueless pto

24 years 3 months ago #62748 by Kate
Replied by Kate on topic RE: clueless pto
Mrs. A. - I thought I would be in the same kind of situation. What I did was made up an agenda for all the meetings. I asked her to review and make any changes she thought apprioprate. On the agenda, it clearly states who does what. The principal does staff stuff, and starts right after the call to order by the president and does the opening prayer (catholic school). I think she only had some typo's. Good Luck.
24 years 3 months ago #62747 by berneunionpto
Replied by berneunionpto on topic RE: clueless pto
Another thought to MrsA...... Pace Yourself!
Don't do too much too fast or you'll burn out very quickly!! You never know exactly what you're getting yourself into until your too deep to get out- so, my friendly warning is to take baby steps.....
It's also very hard to maintain that level of enthusiam for a long stretch of time. Better to be level for many years to come.
24 years 4 months ago #62746 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: clueless pto
Kate: I just wanted to let you know I have a new motto now! I love it! I will pass that on to the entire Board.
Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! LOVE IT !!
24 years 4 months ago #62745 by Kate
Replied by Kate on topic RE: clueless pto
Words of Wisdom taught to me from a past Supervisor - "It is easier to ask forgiveness, than permission." I do forewarn our School's Principal if something 'disturbing' is going to be discussed, out of courtesy, so she is not caught cold. How ever, I don't not ask her permission.
If you are in a public or private school I definetly would start researching - it is always good to do your homework on a subject if you know there will be strong opposition to it. Good luck.
24 years 4 months ago #62744 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: clueless pto
Donna - I have a question for you? When you spoke with the principal and he said a meeting was not the place to bring up that question, did he give you an answer as to why they have late recess? If the PTO isnt the place I would think the Principal's office would be!
You have every right to have answers to your questions. ALL OF THEM! This should not be a difficult question to answer for your principal and his not wanting it brought up in a meeting makes me think they dont want you to know the reason why. DEMAND AN ANSWER!

I guess what I am trying to say is NO he cannot tell you what to talk about at the meeting. If it is a concern of yours, bring it up. Hint... get a couple of Moms/Dads who feel the same way to show up at the meeting..Good Luck

24 years 4 months ago #62743 by Gloria
Replied by Gloria on topic RE: clueless pto
Public school? No way.

PTO is the perfect forum for this type of discussion. If he gives you a hard time I'd go straight to the school board.

There may be unavoidable reasons for the recess schedule, but he should be willing to share those with you.

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