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Job discriptions for the PTO Officers

23 years 8 months ago #62791 by gregh
Replied by gregh on topic RE: Job discriptions for the PTO Officers
Nena, I think it's great that you are ready to become involved in your school's pto. My guess is either your principal or a parent who volunteered to start the group will run the first meeting. They will probably ask if anyone is interested in running for office at which time you could tell them if you are or not. Regarding the school uniform, I think if your school is only 2 years old that your uniform problem is probably due to not everyone knowing exactly what the uniform is or are just a little slow in getting their uniforms together. I would not worry about that quite yet. My vision of a pto is an organization of parents and teachers who work together to educate themselves on topics which will help them help their children and/or students to become more successful in school and in life. A pto is also a good organization to raise money for non-budget items which will enhance their childrens' learning experience. One thing I believe is you should not fundraise just to fundraise. Have a goal and let people know that goal. I am the pto president of a catholic elementary school and there is just so much fundraising not only within the school but in our community in general and people get tired of being bothered all the time to buy this or that. I think your first priority should be to get some guest speakers or seminars for your newly elected officers on how to successfully run an organization. Then pick a topic of interest to your parents and get someone to come and give a presentation to your members. I'd try not to hit them with fundraising right away.
23 years 8 months ago #62790 by Nena
My daughter attends a school that has only been in existence for 2 yrs. our first pto meeting is tommorrow. i need advise on what to expect, how to run for office, and what are the goals of the pto.

Help please. The school that my daughter attends is a christian school they have uniform requirements but not all of the students have them. I would like to propose that the pto raise money to help those familys that cant afford the uniforms.(on a case by case basis). Is this what the pto is for issues like this? Am I totaly off track?
23 years 9 months ago #62789 by Beckymonster
Replied by Beckymonster on topic RE: Job discriptions for the PTO Officers
Thank ya'll so much for the imput. I hope things get better from here.
23 years 9 months ago #62788 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: Job discriptions for the PTO Officers
It depends on how many officers you have and what work needs to be done. I will give you our line up of officers and maybe this will help.
Pres - oversees everything and makes sure the organization runs smoothly. Basically does and knows everything.
Vice Pres - in charge of knowing everything the Pres does and also to make sure that all meetings run smoothly i.e. any guest speakers etc.
2nd V.P. - Head of Class mothers
3rd V.P. - Ways and Means (Fundraising)
Corresponding Sec. - handles all the mail incoming and outgoing for the organization
Recording Sec. - keeps minutes to each and every meeting and all important paperwork of the organization
Treasuer - handles anything to do with money
23 years 9 months ago #62787 by maof2kidz
Replied by maof2kidz on topic RE: Job discriptions for the PTO Officers
I am the VP of our PTO. We are currently in the process of revising are bylaws and we have found that they state the roles of the president,vice president, secretary and treasurer. If you would like I can email you or mail you info. I have been told that the book Roberts Rules of Order by Henry M. Robert is a good way to start. You can find it at barnes and noble. Please feel free to email me. I am always interested in hearing about new fundraisers.
23 years 9 months ago #62786 by Beckymonster
Job discriptions for the PTO Officers was created by Beckymonster
I am the new president of a small town PTO. I became the pres. last year when the current pres. quit. At the first of last year I asked what are the job discriptions of each officer. and I have yet to get an answer from anyone. I am VERY new at this stuff and I want to do a good job without doing everything myself or being bossy.
If anyone could help PLEASE help me
thanks Becky
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