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cafeteria mayhem

23 years 5 months ago #62868 by GaWahinechildrenSa
Replied by GaWahinechildrenSa on topic RE: cafeteria mayhem
I am a military mom and we have been in so many different cafeteria environments. My children have been in settings where classroom students will sit and eat together in the lunchroom and they will be released as a class. If the students were to noisy, the principal would scold everyone on the loudspeaker. At the school my daughter attends now, they come in as a class and they have a grade level table that they sat at. They are allowed to sit by friends. When they are finished eating, they go outside and play. Music is also played during lunch. The kids do talk but they are so busy eating so they can go play there isn't a big noise problem. Hope this helps . . .

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23 years 6 months ago #62867 by Patti Trombly
cafeteria mayhem was created by Patti Trombly
We are an elementary school of 600 students grades K-5. Our cafeteria is loud and out of control. It is nearly impossible to hire aides to work in it. (low pay and such confusion) We are looking for ways to change the atmosphere. Any suggestions? Our classes are spread out over a 11/2 hour lunch time and they are separated into two designated areas.
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