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Bad Rap with staff

23 years 2 months ago #62890 by lowoman
Bad Rap with staff was created by lowoman
I am a president of our PTO, and we are having troubles getting the staff to participate, and I am ready to say that this is a parent organization (PO). The staff at our are building doesnot attend meetings and feels that if the PTO doesnot have a party in the classroom for special occassions then it is the fault of the PTO. I thought we were to work together to help complement the teacher not throw a party, especially when the state score are low i or district.
Thena I have the this problem with the members who think that a committee should meeting during the monthly meeting to make their decisions. I keeping stressing that the committee should work behind the scene and bring one or two opinions to the meeting for short discussion and a vote. They are starting to say that I want all decisions made behind closed doors, and that is not turn.
I feel like resigning today, I feel that education is top proirity not a CHristmas party for the children.
Can anyone help with suggestions. I really do not want to resign, but.............
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