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Principal and P.T.O. Officer..Where is the line drawn???

23 years 4 months ago #62901 by ColoradoPTOmom
Lori - your son's future, as well as your other four children attending this school - depends on you as a PARENT, not as you as PTO board member. When choices need to be made whether you STAND UP FOR your child's needs or protect the PTO's needs there is no question in my mind - focus on your child. This principal is toying with you - stop the games NOW. Is the special education program district/school board mandated at this building? Then the teacher can be replaced - especially if she's a negative impact on her students. Is this happening only to YOUR child, probably not. Do not allow your child to be left alone with this teacher - demand a witness until the matter is settled. Put the PTO on the back burner and get this matter resolved now - your son has suffered long enough. GOOD LUCK
23 years 4 months ago #62900 by chrystal
Oh my goodness is my current thought after reading your post. I cannot believe your principal would have the nerve to compare "favors" your first and foremost reason for being at the school is your child. What ever you do as a PTO Officer has nothing to do with you as a parent and he should thank you for the work you do with the pto not make it seem like you should be grateful to him! Is there any way to have your son switched to a different class?? If not at this point I would forget going through all the proper channels. I would inform the principal that I have had enough and if this situation is not resolved to your satisfaction by a specific date then you will be forced to go over his head and make your voice heard loud and clear at school board meetings. I know you don't want to mess things up with the PTO but your PTO will survive because parents and students like what we do (the majority anyway). I can't believe the stress and worry you must feel sending your child to school each day...this is not a healthy environment and your child cannot possibly learn in this class. I hope you can get this resolved soon.
23 years 4 months ago #62899 by LORI
This is my 2nd year as our P.T.O. president..I have been very active/supportive/involved at our school for quite some time now. The problem lies here:
Our Principal and I have a very good relationship, I thought. I have 5 children who attend our elementary school. I have always been the type of parent that when I have a problem that is related to one of my kids' education, I seek out the answers thru the proper channels, just as I inform our school's parents to do when they come to me in the position of P.T.O. President. I have never tried, nor taken, any "special" privelages when dealing with matters concerning my kids' education.
In the past few months a very serious problem, concerning my son, at school arose. The problem involved some improper, as well as very non-professional, actions taken upon my son by a long-time member of the teaching staff. In trying to shorten this son has been in this teachers class [ with another teacher present to watch over her] so he doesnt miss the work in this class [ she is the only treacher in our school that does this work]. Sooo...I went back to the principal, as a PARENT, again!
I think you can understand where this is leaving me. I have a commitment to my child. I also do not want to jeopardize any workings of the P.T.O. and any inter-play needed by the Principal for such.
Since this took place he has had problems in school with his learning. I have also found out that this teacher has acted similarily and caused such problems for other students [ one of them, my niece]. Since making my complaint to the Principal, I have also been treated in an unwelcome manner by some of the teaching staff at our school. I have also been approached by some teaching staff, with them telling me that all the problems this teacher did/caused for my son have been going on for years and there have been previous reports made to school administrators, obviously with no effect.

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