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22 years 11 months ago #62975 by uscanuck
volunteering was created by uscanuck
We recently moved to Florida from Las Vegas, NV. My children attended a wonderful elementary school in Vegas where I was welcome each and every day. I served on the PTA as historian for two years and then as first vice-president this year. I was room mother for both my daughter's classes, helping with parties and photocopying and anything the teachers needed. It was difficult to leave in the middle of the year, but I was sure my children would cope with a new school. They are doing okay, and seem to have managed to adjust. However, to my dismay, the school does not allow parents to volunteer in their own children's classrooms!! I asked around and found out this was not a county-wide or state-wide edict, but something particular to this school. I am still volunteering by helping a couple of days in a kindergarten class and really enjoy it, but I really miss being involved in my daughters' day-to-day school lives. I really think it made a difference to them that I cared. Plus the relationships I developed with the teachers was wonderful for everyone concerned. I have yet to have attended a PTO meeting because they meet only once every two months. Is there anything I can or should do???

disappointed in Florida
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