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A Big Slap In The Face

22 years 11 months ago #62984 by UpsetMom
Replied by UpsetMom on topic RE: A Big Slap In The Face
Our school district used to have a volunteer appreciation night. Every person who had ever volunteered at any of the schools that year was invited to come. Teachers submitted lists as well as the PTO's. At these events each person was called by name and received a certificate and a small gift. The district would send out close to 1000 invitations and the most people that ever showed up was maybe 90. Now they have decided to have each building have their own appreciation night. The principal "organized" everything himself and although it was quite cheesy we had only forty people show up even though he had sent out 200 invitations. I was very interested why these people who are there all the time to volunteer for everything didn't come...their reply was that they volunteer because they want to help...not to be publically recognized...I suppose it makes them uncomfortable. But to get back to the original post... I really don't intend to offend anyone by my comments but...I have seen on this board many times that the school and pto are two seperate entities. If the principal has his own fundraiser that has nothing to do with the PTO and they choose to do something nice for the people who help with their fundraiser that is their business. I have to ask does the PTO have any events held for volunteers who help with their functions? I know we don't...because our PTO is a volunteer organization and I hate spending money on anything other than for something that directly benefits the kids. We all know going into to this that we are doing it for the love of the kids. I have in the past been miffed because I felt I was not being appreciated and I took a year off from any volunteering and I missed it terribly...but I also realized that by volunteering the work I was doing gave me great sastisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that I had not had since giving up my career to be a stay at home mom. Perhaps if you take a break it would do you some good and maybe even make a few people realize how valuable you are to the school. I think that many times what happens is that the PTO people are looked at like a team or staff our school it is looked on like that...that is why the officers are not given the recognition that they deserve not because they are not worthy but we place ourselves in the position to always be so darned helpful and when someone who normally doesn't volunteer does something they actually appear to be doing something fantastic because they are not always helping. Hang in there and at the next function you have look at the kids faces and when they have a big smile hopefully you can take that as your reward for all your hard work:)
22 years 11 months ago #62983 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: A Big Slap In The Face
I am the Secretary of our PTO and couldn't begin to share with you how much fustration I feel with the President and Treasurer. I have a hard time with the fact that people don't concider what we do to be volunteer work. I'm not sur what else you would call it but some nights (like after tonight's meeting) I could think of 80 things I would rather be doing. This may not seem very ethical or right to some but during Teacher Appreciation Week we order enough of a really nice item and give one to ourselves. I have a beautiful keychain from last year and can't wait to pick out my gift this year! Did you see on one of the fourms a group go on a retreat together to relax and reflex on the year. Find a way to treat yourself. If you really think about it, it's like when Mom buys something for John but not for Wes and Wes feels hurt and Mom didn't realize what she had done. Does that make sense? If you really feel something needs to be done, take off your PTO hat and ask if a thank you breakfast (or whatever)can be done for all the volunteers in your school.
22 years 11 months ago #62982 by UpsetMom
A Big Slap In The Face was created by UpsetMom
Our school does little to nothing to recognize neither volunteers in the school or PTO members for all of the hours of work that they do. I have served as PTO President for three years, and have gotten an occasional thank you from the staff and administration. We have only three board members who carry 99% of the weight and have been around since the new PTO was founded.Our fundraisers total between $25,000 and $28,000 per year. That is how much is basically put back into the school system. Whether it be supplies, teachers, students, you get the idea. This isn't mentioning all of the hours te three of us spend planning talent shows, carnivals, secret santa, fundraisers and other activities. Anyways, the principal decided to have her own fundraiser selling candy bars to give her extra money for her principal fund. She had two parents who she had come into school and count the money for her. It basically took them ten days to do the sale. While in the office yesterday, I overheard the secretary on the phone with the school treasurer finding out how she should go about requistioning money to buy these two ladies gift certificates for somewhere to eat. It isn't the fact that she is monetarily thanking these people. The fact is that how do you pick and choose which volunteers you will thank with more than words? Has anyone else ran into this type of problem? Am I wrong to feel hurt?
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