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Length of Gym classes, art, music, etc.

22 years 11 months ago #62998 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: Length of Gym classes, art, music, etc.
Our districts K-5 schools share our teachers. This year is the first time we have had gym and art all year (it used to be half and half). Now the kids have one hour gym once a week, one hour art once a week, forty minutes music once a week. It has worked out well...I would like to see more gym but we are happy that the kids are finally getting it for the entire year:)
22 years 11 months ago #62997 by LisaH
We are 1st-5th grade school. PE & Music meet twice a week for about 30 mins each. The other three days we something called teacher directed PE. This is where the teacher takes the children, usually outside, and organizes so physical activites.

We have Art once a week for an hour and Library/Computers once a week that split and hour.
22 years 11 months ago #62996 by MicheleC
Length of Gym classes, art, music, etc. was created by MicheleC
Our school has just been informed that the board of education budget (approved for next year) includes a reduction in time for physical education classes for elementary students across the entire district and a new rotation schedule for the middle school.

What I am wondering is what is the length of gym classes and also the frequency for the students in your elementary schools.


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