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public school week

22 years 11 months ago #63001 by iamdmom
Replied by iamdmom on topic RE: public school week
Thank you Marion....that is about all I came up with too.
22 years 11 months ago #63000 by Marion
Replied by Marion on topic RE: public school week
I did a quick search using google, and found that Texas has a public school week, which appears to have been at the beginning of March.

22 years 11 months ago #62999 by iamdmom
public school week was created by iamdmom
Has anyone heard of "Public School Week"? It is not on Blue Mountian, so is it for real?? (LOL) Our New principal was asking me what we usually do for it. I have never heard of it in the 6 years my kids have been in school. He wants to do something. I think that this would be a great time for an open house. But our teachers do not do open house...a contract thing. Any ideas????
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