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Need immediate help!

23 years 3 months ago #63017 by AnnF
Replied by AnnF on topic RE: Need immediate help!
Has anyone from the parent group approached
the Principal and asked to sit down and "rationally" discuss these issues. Ask what his reasons are for his actions. I agree with honey instead of vinegar theory. Cool minds in situations like this often prevail. If you ask him why he won't allow for parent involvement he'll need to give you specific reasons or incidents. Who knows this could lead to a solution and maybe a better working relationship with the Principal. Good luck
23 years 3 months ago #63016 by dedicatedPTAmom
Replied by dedicatedPTAmom on topic RE: Need immediate help!
One option you might try is to go to your local media outlets. News stations love stories like this. I would strongly caution you, however, to make sure that you have all of your facts in order and stick ONLY to those facts that you can support. Be calm and resonable and do not get overly emotional or you may come off looking poorly rather than the principal!! The more people you have supporting you on this, the better, too!

It's sadly disturbing to hear of the others here who are having problems with their administrators as well.

Good Luck to you all!! Keep the kids as your focus!!

23 years 3 months ago #63015 by soccermom
Replied by soccermom on topic RE: Need immediate help!
I believe this to be real because it came directly from teachers as they were told at their staff meeting.
They have been very supportive and until he said this many of the teachers did think we were paranoid.
Getting subs is his way of showing his authority and keeping parents away from the school.
I will get all the money facts and am willing to go before the school board.
I have gone to higher administration, but it has not helped.
I know he will not be able to disband our group but feel really bad about the situation because we only want to do the best for all the kids...which we have done alot.
Just the attitude of the administration makes our job so hard. We have complied with every rule and request to no avail.
It is frustrating to know there are people out there who really do not have the kids best interest at heart.
23 years 3 months ago #63014 by mykidsmom
Replied by mykidsmom on topic RE: Need immediate help!
Please make sure this is not a rumor FIRST! We had parents throw a fit last year before getting facts staight a not only cost our school tons of embarrasment but we nearly lost our contract with the school district. (We are a charter school) Also please remain calm and professional while talking to the district, we have lost a lot of our supporting members on the board because of hot under the collar moms screaming at the office staff (at the district level!)! If this is real, get the facts together, how much is the PTO saving the school. How are the students around the parents verses a hired "babysitter" for the day (I understand subs are important, my aunt was one for years but in this cause THEY are only babysitting a bus load of kids at your expence). Remember the district likes to hear about the bottom line since this may help make your Principal look really dumb! May the force be with you and remember who we are in this for! (Mine is asking for cheese!)
23 years 3 months ago #63013 by MicheleC
Replied by MicheleC on topic RE: Need immediate help!
Sorry--I had another thought--

PTO in your school--does it have a teacher or two on your board? What is their take on the whole thing or are they unwilling to put their neck on the line and divulge?

The center of the PTO in any school is that collaboration between parents and teachers....perhaps a petition is order? First find out what the school board and superintendent has to say. Then, go for it.
23 years 3 months ago #63012 by MicheleC
Replied by MicheleC on topic RE: Need immediate help!
Contact the school super or school board member. If your approach is calm and inquiring vs. accusatory, then they will be willing to listen. If not, then they will label you (or whomever calls) a hysterical parent who is blowing things out of proportion. While agree that there is no argument that parents should be involved in field trips and other supportive activities in classrooms, just be careful on how you present the parent point of view.

Infuriating as it may be, you still get more bees and butterflies with sugar than vinegar!

Is there a liability issue at hand as to school personnel providing chaperones on the school bus, but parents can follow along in cars and meet the group there? There must be alternatives in the structure of what they are proposing.

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