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teacher appropriateness

23 years 3 months ago #63023 by RSCICIARELLI
Replied by RSCICIARELLI on topic RE: teacher appropriateness
Just wanted to add that I have to agree with
PTA Pres - I had a problem at our school which I tried to take care of last year. We have a libarian that is always yelling and the students. There are kindergarten students that cry at the thought of having to go to the library. I spoke with the principal at that time and he told me he was aware of the problem and would handle it well he never did - I now have had more parents coming to me with the same problem
and asking what can be done - I went to the
interim prinicpal that we have now and told
her the situation and she informed me that she would take care of it. Well she did go and speak to the libarian but she is still doing the same - I just recently spoke with the principal again she now informs me that inorder to get this taken care of she needs to know times - dates - classes - student names and what the problem was at the time.
She explained to me that unless things are in writting there is not much she can take care of. But this is only my second year at the school and I just also found out that she has been doing this to the kids forever. She has been there a very long time and I guess people are afraid to speak up well I am not and my son came home last week and told me that he returned his books she insisted that he didn't and began to yell at him I immediately went to the principal who then informed me that things have to be in writting to get things taken care of. But that she would speak with the libarian once again and tell her that she can not be yelling at the students. Would you believe that I also found out just recently that there are teachers that would prefer not to go to the library because of this person. Something has to be done and I am going to stay untop of this to hopefully get this taken care of. I think its horrible when students are afraid to go to the library to take out books or to return them. Well that is all I have to say on this - but I just wanted to get the point across that inorder to get things done things must be in writting so that they can be documented.
23 years 3 months ago #63022 by PTA Pres
Replied by PTA Pres on topic RE: teacher appropriateness
Just wanted to add one thing to all the great previous advice. After going through quite an ordeal with my child's teacher a few years ago, myself and other parents who were complaining found out that unless you put it IN WRITING, the principal, super intendent, school board, etc., does not have to do anything about your complaint. You need to make clear your complaint, the reasons and evidence behind it and what possible action (solution) you would like them to take. Just thought it might help! Good Luck!
23 years 3 months ago #63021 by mykidsmom
Boy does that issue bring back memories from last year! We had a third grade teacher that was from another planet and the PTO board (after many meetings called by parents) was able to direct these parent s to the Principal, what made it hard was I was one of the parents VERY unhappy with the teacher. I literaly had to change hats and remind paretns that my daughter is in that class (she was suspended for calling a child a butt-head, I can't type what the other kid said and nothing was done to her). ANYWAY, the Principal thanked us but did make it clear that the PTO is here to support the school NOT a sound board for complaints. The issue has been resolved (yeah, that teacher is long gone)and we are being asked once again about a teacher that has been let go. It's never ending.
23 years 3 months ago #63020 by maof2kidz
Replied by maof2kidz on topic RE: teacher appropriateness
I agree with crystal. The parents need to talk with the teacher then if nothing happens you go to the principal. If nothing happens then they go to the superintendant.Then if nothing happens they go to the school board. It would put the PTO in a bad situation with all the teachers if you tried to do something about that. Maybe you can have a group of parents sit in on the class or any class for that matter. Just pick a day and let the principal or staff now that you will be doing this every so often . My school is trying to set this up with some parents that will volunteer there time.
23 years 3 months ago #63019 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: teacher appropriateness
I don't believe that this would be an issue that the pto should be handling. The parents whose children are involved need to first talk to the teacher and if no satisfaction comes of that then THEY need to take it to the principal. There is a very thin line here and as a pto you probably shouldn't cross it. What troubles me most is that parents are afraid to step up on behalf of their childs feelings/treatment...that is a a major problem right there....

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23 years 3 months ago #63018 by live2serve
teacher appropriateness was created by live2serve
Is there some tactful way the PTO can help parents who are having classroom trouble with a teacher who is being "mean" to their child or not helping them and other parents confirm similar treatmment with their children but everyone is afraid of repercussions so everyone lets it continue?
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