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Principal is out of control help!!!!!!!

23 years 2 months ago #63025 by 2xmom
I can see by your post how upset you are...Our school does not have cap and gown graduations for KDG either...not for the same reasons (our super feels that it takes away from true graduation). As far as the principal using petty cash to purchase new much as we might disagree with how they choose to spend this money as long as it is used for the school there really isn't anything anyone can do...they do have to account for all monies used from the account. Now maybe I'm mistaken here but what does the city commisioner have to do with the school system? I know that the school board/superintendant really do not having anything to do with city politics. You might remind all the people who are passing along the heresay info that the office of city commisioner is an ELECTED position....enough said on that. The best place to take your questions is a school board meeting, believe me principal's hate to be brought up there and it is your right as a is all checks and balances here. Don't give up on your PTO position it does not seem to me that it would help any if you were no longer involved...your problem lies within the school system not the pto...good luck on your decisions:)
23 years 2 months ago #63024 by 2xmom
I am the vice president of of the pta in our school.This is my first year and i am considering it to be my last.The principal is the reason.She will turn down almost every idea that is proposed and i heard "through the grapevine" that she used the school's petty cash for "new curtains" for her office.Meanwhile she refuses to have cap and gown graduations for the kindergarden class because she says there is not enough money.Our School didn't even have class pictures this year!!! the worst part is that nobody will bump heads with her because she is the City's commisioner's aunt.Everyone says that she has him to back her up...It all seems so unfair to me....I really am very upset about this whole situation..can anyone offer me some advice please???????
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