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Censorship of PTO minutes

23 years 2 months ago #63033 by MightyJo
Replied by MightyJo on topic RE: Censorship of PTO minutes
Hi rivertown,

My first question is about bylaws. Does your PTO group have them? Do they address who can be members & the authority of school administrators? Also, do you have a budget which is approved by your membership? I'm also not sure what you mean when you say "by administrative order" your principal has the authority to review the secretary's minutes. By WHOSE administrative order?

Sorry I'm not giving any good answers, but I really couldn't give you an answer I'd be comfortable with, without knowing some of these things.


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23 years 2 months ago #63032 by rivertown
Censorship of PTO minutes was created by rivertown
I am the president of the PTO in a small school (273 students) in a small river town. I inquired of PTO magazine about guidelines for the relationship between the principal/administration and the PTO, specifically regarding the independence of the PTO's minutes, purchases, fund-raising activities outside of school. The editor suggested this forum. Since then, the principal has 1) made a motion by written proxy for PTO expenditures and 2) refused to distribute the minutes because of her objections to the content. By administrative order, she has the power to edit for correct mechanics & grammar. Does she have the right to object to content of minutes written by the PTO secretary? Perhaps my naivete is best served by her political perspective on content served to our parents; on the other hand, she is not respectful but dictatorial in her stance. Help! What are the laws? Traditions? Or is there an alternative-- could we reach the parents and tell them that no minutes, as censored, will be coming out? And, this on top of a general mistrust by the taxpayers of our superintendent (now making a six-digit income in this rural district) and our school board. Thanks for your insights, to all who answer.
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