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RE: Looking For Opinions:-)

23 years 2 weeks ago #63040 by chrystal
Looking For Opinions:-) was created by chrystal
Our fundraisers went very well this year so our PTO decided to have a t-shirt design contest. After the winner was chosen we purchased them for the entire staff and students...for free to them. About 20% of those never turned in the order form so I went through the yearbook over spring break to make an educated guess on sizes. Well the shirts are in and distributed...what a headache. We have parents that ordered them to small (even though they were told the sizes run small) and a teacher who got just what she ordered who said to me yesterday, "If you want me to wear this you'll have to buy me a bigger size". Well I had to make a unpopular decision and sent home a notice that said...if an error was made on our part we will correct it, however if you received the size you ordered and are not satisfied we will make the shirts available to purchase. It is so frustrating, I worked so hard on this and really had to push to get these shirts for everyone not to mention all the driving, phone calls, and time spent. The pto cannot afford to buy two shirts for people who ordered the wrong size. The funny thing is that all of the orders that I had to guess on were perfect...I guess I know how big all kids are better than the parents LOL! Did I do the right thing or should I have handled it differently? So far there have been about 20 that are not sastisfied. Also...since the first order was big we got a great discount...but re-orders will be more expensive.
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