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Need ideas to increase teacher involvement

23 years 2 weeks ago #63075 by MightyJo
Replied by MightyJo on topic RE: Need ideas to increase teacher involvement
Thanks for the ideas. Illinois, yours is something I would not have thought of. I just have to figure out how to make it work since I work full time & so does one other Exec. Board member.
23 years 2 weeks ago #63074 by illinois
Replied by illinois on topic RE: Need ideas to increase teacher involvement
here's something that is working good so far. In the past it was hard to get teachers to our meeting which are held at night..sooo we the new board, asked the teachers to come to a 1/2 hour meeting after they ate, it was still lunch time. We discussed issues and got ideas. They were so happy to be involved, that they all agreed to do a monthly meeting during lunch time we'd all eat together, and talk about what happened at our night meeting the week before. this keeps everyone updated and informed. good luck.
23 years 3 weeks ago #63073 by MO2
At our school, we have a teacher liaison. She reports at the PTA meetings any teacher requests or input. She also reports back at the staff meetings anything important from the meeting. She is a bridge betwwen the teachers and the PTA. Also, find what the teachers are interested in. We have had a literacy night the last two years, and the teachers come out in droves. Literacy is something the teachers have a strong feeling for. Tap into their passions for the kids.
23 years 3 weeks ago #63072 by PRES01
Teacher involvement is an age old dilemma. They do have meetings to the nth degree, etc. We have tried the 'sugar' approach. Every year during teacher apprciation week we give them certificates worth $50-70.00 that they can use in their class any way they feel would best help their class. This has been very well received and they look on our group in different light. The participation still isnt all their yet but I recently had a teacher approach me about working with us on a science fair.

If you have a teacher at meetings you are one up from our group. The principal comes to each meeting and acts as the spokesperson.

Good luck!
23 years 4 weeks ago #63071 by MightyJo
We have a wonderful school with teachers & staff who seem to truly respect the children. There ia a very positive attitude when you visit the school, among staff, teachers and students! (This is an elementary school, K-5.) I'm sure our principal helps instill that attitude. We also have pretty good parental involvement. (Sure, we're always looking for volunteers to help with events, but I'm not convinced we're reaching everyone who would help if they were contacted.)

My concern is that our teachers do not participate much in PTO activities or fundraisers. Most come to one meeting a year (at the principal's insistence I believe). I know that this is their job & they don't want to "live" at the school, but it means so much to the parents and children to have them participate in events. Some really encourage their classes in some outside activities (like a food drive sponsored by the high school FFA, who works closely with our students). But they do not offer much encouragement for our events (class baskets for our auction, fundraisers, school fair, etc..)

I know there are probably other postings in this forum, but what do you do to increase teacher involvement? I have some ideas already, but I'd love to hear some of yours. (I'll be a first year PTO pres. next year & would love to encourage more teacher involvement!)

Thanks so much!
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