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Need creative ideas

23 years 3 weeks ago #63077 by Bea
Replied by Bea on topic RE: Need creative ideas
You might consider selling scrip at your school. It gets the businesses in your community involved, and only the adults at your school participate by purchasing gift certificates for stores they already frequent. There is no extra out of pocket expense for your families, and you don't have the kids selling items. There is a great article on this website on the subject in general with a lot of good details to help you get started. I like this program because it does not involve selling anything by the students, any competition between classes, and no extra expense. The businesses sell gift or merchandise certificates to the Parent Organization at a discounted amount, then you sell them to your families for the face value. They can use them for their regular grocery shopping, gas purchases or for birthday gifts etc. Good luck!
23 years 3 weeks ago #63076 by pres2001
Need creative ideas was created by pres2001
Our teacher's use the traditional 'gift wrap' sale as a way to raise funds for their departments. Our principal prefers we do not sell pizzas, cookies, etc...- and I agree. We are also not allowed to have competition and prizes (class to class or child to child). We have been pretty creative in the past but welcome more ideas for raising money.
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