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23 years 1 month ago #63088 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: IN-SCHOOL/STAFF ISSUES
We have the same problem in 12 of our 14 schools. The buildings are so old and not set up for airconditioning. In Ohio, it is only needed a handful of weeks during the school year. It is so obviously too big a job to accomodate, the subject is very seldom brought up. Besides they figure that no one has died from the lack of it for the past 100 years. Are there other schools in your district? How about help from the state level? My goodness we have snow days, I wonder if there is anything on the books for "excessivley hot" days. If not, maybe there should be! Anything over 100 degrees seems harmful.
23 years 1 month ago #63087 by weistracy
IN-SCHOOL/STAFF ISSUES was created by weistracy
The school that my son attends is a small one, the elementary and high school are all in one building. The problem is that the school does not have air conditioning, except for the offices and the library. Several years ago a couple of kids burned down the part of the school where the gym is and part of the high school are. When they re-built it they wired the high school part to put central air into it and to this day it still does not have air. The school super always has the budget running in the black, it has never been in debt from what I have been told. He says the school does not need the air-he says this as he sits in his central-air conditioned office. He and several of the other the school board members slap the issue down before anyone can even tell them our ideas on how to go about getting it for the school! He actually threatened the lady that watches my son during the day-she worked at the school for a few years in the cafeteria-and told her if she did not stop bringing up the issue he "would be all over her!" needless to say she did not renew her contract for next year. Alot of the teachers are afraid to say anything because they are intimidated by him! to make this shorter, i need to hear from some of you on how to deal with this touchy issue,the PTO has formed a committee and we are very serious about this issue and aim to get this accomplished for the school!By the way, at the start of the school year, two of the rooms got up to 107-114 degrees!!! We put a thermometer in them out of curiosity, they have fans in the rooms but they are a distraction the teachers have to talk louder and the kids cannot hear or concentrate. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! Tracy
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