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HELP! We are being put on the spot!

23 years 5 days ago #63112 by JHB
I, too, suggest you stay very neutral on this one. If it were me, I'd say something like: "The PTO doesn't get involved in school staffing issues. We are here to support school programs and enhance the educational experience of our children (or whatever you want to say you do). The PTO is fully supportive of the role of the schools principal and will work well with whoever holds that position next year."

My advice is to stay firmly on the fence on this one. If someone truly interviews you and asks questions, deflect them with generic answers and then use the time to promote the true PTO efforts. Just stay calm, smile, stay neutral, and refuse to be drawn into the fray.
23 years 5 days ago #63111 by dremal
Replied by dremal on topic RE: HELP! We are being put on the spot!
Wow. I can't believe that the media would come to a school to find out why the principal of a school is leaving.(sounds fishy). I would agree with plw. I almost wouldn't show up. These teachers may every bury themselves. When the new principal shows up you go right in and tell them what happened to you and that you are supportive and the other teachers that return will back you up. The two teachers and parents that are not involved with the school have less power than a PTO Board. Make sure you are listening to every side and that as a board you stick together. Good Luck.
23 years 5 days ago #63110 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: HELP! We are being put on the spot!
Wow, what a jam! As president I never endorse or speak against anything without a 2/3 vote from the membership at a meeting (I would also have given a 30 day notice that a vote of this nature would occur.) My opinion would be to say just that. (and always use the term, we) If you are asked to speak for your PTO simply tell them that your association has not taken a vote on this matter therefore they have no opinion to state at this time. (There obviously is not enough time to get the membership together for a vote)I would also speak to your board and let them know if they are going to make a statement, to make sure it is a personal statement as a PTO member. Not speaking for the association. Let us know how it all turns out. Sorry you are having this kind of trouble. Best Wishes!
23 years 6 days ago #63109 by barbiedoll33_2001
HELP! We are being put on the spot! was created by barbiedoll33_2001
I am a newly elected president. Come this Monday morning, I am going to be put on the spot in front of the whole school and news media. We have had a rough year with our Principal (she didn't really support our efforts, we'll leave it at that), and when we found out earlier in the week that she was leaving our school this summer, we were more than enthusiastic! However, it was short lived. There are two teachers in our school who really want her to stay. Most of the others don't, in fact we are losing 8 teachers this summer because of the principal! These two teachers who want her to stay have been circulating a petition to the parents to try to convince the Board of Education that she should stay. They have gotten quite a few signatures from the parents who are not involved at the school and who don't really know what goes on behind school doors. Some parents have called the vice-president's and want to know where the PTO stands on this.

Our problem is this...the executive board wants her gone. If we don't support this effort, and she stays, she will make our job very hard next year. If we don't support this effort, and she goes, she will let the new principal know that we were not supportive of her (and yes, she would do that!). If we do support this effort, we would be lying about how we really feel, but would make things much smoother for next year.

We found out today that these teachers that are behind this effort have called the news media and they will be at our school Monday morning. We were also told by the teachers who are behind this effort that the PTO officers are expected to be there and that they want the President (me now) to be interviewed by the press and publicly voice our support of the effort. What do I do? Any help would be appreciated. I just wanted to see what others would do in the same situation. Thanks!
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