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Interference from Adminstration

22 years 8 months ago #63125 by cindy123
Interference from Adminstration was created by cindy123
Anyone have this about an Asst. Supt. telling the president to find new people for the board so the two co-vice-pres. and Treasurer can be ousted. It happened . He was approached as well as people part of the scheme. One of the ladies is on the school board. We knew what was ahppening and watched it unfold. A letter was delivered by me last week. I did not want discussion. We feel this is conflict of interest and something not legal going on. Anyone have advice. We are a very small town and the school principals are who's who here. they have operated for awhile like this. they bully parents alot. i personally asked some safety questions to be addressed and he(asst. Supt) blasted the whole PTO meeting in April.Please answer
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