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Interviewing New Principal

22 years 11 months ago #63132 by Pres88
Replied by Pres88 on topic RE: Interviewing New Principal
Mountie, good for you. I was able to do the same thing last year and it was great. Our new principal is wonderful.

One question that was very interesting as well as simple was "Why did you choose to apply for this particular job in the city?" Most common bad answer, this is closer to home than my current job.

22 years 11 months ago #63131 by Mountiepride
Replied by Mountiepride on topic RE: Interviewing New Principal
Thanks for the ideas. It went very well. We had 6 teachers and myself in on the interviews. We got to narrow them down to 3 and then turn it over to the board to decide. We definitely decided on one and have given our input as to why. Hopefully the school board will listen. Thanks again.
22 years 11 months ago #63130 by MightyJo
Replied by MightyJo on topic RE: Interviewing New Principal
How neat!!! How about any of these:

How would they go about helping children learn to respect others?
What do they think the "school rules" should be?
How do they envision the principal's role in PTO?
What ideas do they have to encourage parent - teacher interaction?
What are their priorities as principal?

This is so much fun! (I'm sure I'll think of lots more later. Back when I had a "real" job, I used to do a fair amount of hiring.) I'd have a hard time narrowing down my questions. Will you also be able to give feedback?

Have fun!
22 years 11 months ago #63129 by Marion
Replied by Marion on topic RE: Interviewing New Principal
Ask the candidates what they think of parental involvement (or more accurately, what do they think of when you mention parental involvement.) Do they think of fundraisers and playscapes or do they look at parents as an equal partner in education?

How do they feel about parents who
How do they discipline children? How do they reward children?

Good luck with the interview!

22 years 11 months ago #63128 by Mountiepride
Interviewing New Principal was created by Mountiepride
Our School Board is allowing us to interview the candidates for a new principal. WOW !! Any suggestions on good questions to ask? Thanks
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