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how to handle principals that do not like you or your methods. principal prefers pto

22 years 11 months ago #63139 by cindy123
I would make sure i would follow those by-laws to the letter. Some people can not change and handle new people taking leadership. i had a negative experience being on PTO--see my question about Administration interferring. People get themselves into a rut by never exploring other possibilities esp in a small town. Parents seem to accept less untill spmepne comes along and presses issues. good Luck
22 years 11 months ago #63138 by mykidsmom
What I have noticed (and am learning from) the past prez at our school (except for one) never spoke to the principal and were constanting putting down the fact that she wants to be on the board. The past prez that had a great year (did I mention I am the fifth prez :) )had meetings with the principal, kept things in check, gave her a 'heads-up' on upcoming voting issues. She did admit to me that it took time but the principal never felt ambushed as she has withthe past prez.
I will be meeting with my principal in July to share ideas and changes she would like the group (PTO) to make.
I STILL talk to the past prez. that had a good year not only because we are good friends but because she reminds me of what works and "well, you can try it BUT..."
I'm not saying you need to become the principal's bestest friend in the whole world but get to know them.
22 years 11 months ago #63137 by plw
The main thing I appreciated about being president was the fact that I was there to "chair" meetings and "oversee" the doings of the association. Even though many things changed during my term "I" did not change anything. Changes were voted on by the executive board or the membership at meetings I do not even have a vote unless it is by ballot or to make or break a tie. I hope this is how it has been for you and I would certainly remind these people of that. Best Wishes!
22 years 11 months ago #63136 by mts
my principal feels that the only decent pto president was a president who served about 4 years ago. she is still checking with her on how the pto should do this or that. this is very inappropriate of her. i recently found out that this past president is trying to oust me because i am not following her to the letter and changing alot of things that i felt was not handled well. any suggestions?
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