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Family participation and incentives

22 years 9 months ago #63157 by mykidsmom
We have a family skate night set up with a local skate rink and have had a great time! They help with problem kids and they did have to ask a parent leave once in the 10 years they have been doing this for area schools. (the parent had been drinking)
The students class with the best attendence get cookies in school the next day and the PTO gets 25 cents per child that skates.
22 years 10 months ago #63156 by Storme
Family participation and incentives was created by Storme
After reading the May issue I would be interested in any groups specific directions on how to set up family nights with incentives (i.e. JV Forrestal Ele. free night of babysitting). Our administration is interested, but want to know what some of the problems were and how they were solved and what works and what doesn't. All tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
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