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Board denies gym uniforms

22 years 10 months ago #63188 by DrGldy2001
Replied by DrGldy2001 on topic RE: Board denies gym uniforms
The children at our school up to 5th grade will go to school in PE uniform, on PE days, not to waste time changing,. Our children have PE 3 days and swimming 1 day. How can a school not be interested in exercise and healthy living!!!!!!!!!!
22 years 11 months ago #63187 by mykidsmom
My daughter attends a charter school in Colorado that requires her to wear a uniform. We will be allowed in include a PE uniform this fall but it took us a year of talking with the board AND the Gym teacher finally got involved in our support in the issue.
I am sorry to hear your school doesn't feel running, jumping, etc isn't that important in a child's education. We had terrible disapline issues when students were not able to go outside for 10 minutes after lunch because of the weather.
I really think you need the gym teaching staff in on this one. I personnally am not a big fan of petitions, but if you feel that will help.......
May the force be with you! Keep us informed
22 years 11 months ago #63186 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: Board denies gym uniforms
Yes, I understand better now. I think you should question what they intend them to do in gym. I am guessing no one is going to tear out a knee if they are not doing anything anyway. (My brothers tore out their knees on the playground, a parking lot, certainly not in gym). I understand where the parents are coming from, but it seems pretty clear their reasoning behind it and I really do not think they are far off base. Time, place to change. They have already let you know gym is not a priority for them, so I imagine they are just having gym to meet mandated guidelines. I really doubt they will have the kids work up a sweat anyway. Our middle schools allow time to change and have locker rooms but even then they only have 5 minutes. (no time for a shower) Hope you can resolve this. Let us know how it goes.
22 years 11 months ago #63185 by DrGldy2001
Replied by DrGldy2001 on topic RE: Board denies gym uniforms
Sorry i might not have clarified myself....The parents are upset because of the wear and tear on the clothes. We are paying alot of money for the uniforms and don't want are children to tear a knee out etc. Besides all of the sweating that will be going on. We didn't even think it would be an issue..we assumed that the children would be able to wear shorts and t-shirts for gym and then they come back with that there WILL NOT be any gym clothes at all. Personally i have never attended a school wear you couldn't wear shorts and t-shirts for gym...I guess i am on the other spectrum of thinking...why is it a big deal to LET the kids wear gym clothes under their school uniforms???? They can take off their uniforms in the class rooms, set their clothes on their desks and go to gym??? I feel that the school board should pick their fights with the parents better??? If the majority of the parents want kids to wear gym clothes why should they deny it??
22 years 11 months ago #63184 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Board denies gym uniforms
I guess I'm missing the point as well. We don't have uniforms (unfortunately!!), but those I've seen in stores on and friends' children seem pretty hardy/serviceable pieces of clothing. Aside from the standardized color/format - how are they different from other children's clothes? Many I see are navy blue tailored shorts/slacks with polo shirts. Are yours more structured/uncomforable clothes? Or are these older kids? High school?

Ours is an elementary school in Texas, with much of the year 100+ degrees outside. Girls who wear dresses are required to have shorts underneath. All kids must wear tennis shoes (or bring them to change into). Other than that, our kids don't change into special clothes for P.E. or recess.

Frankly, between the time they would lose, having yet another set of things to send to school and keep up with, and figuring WHERE they would change, it would be a nightmare.

Could you clarify what you see as the problems? Is it wear and tear on the clothes? Is it they type clothes they wear? Or are these older children where grooming, makeup, etc. is an issue?

22 years 11 months ago #63183 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: Board denies gym uniforms
They obviously do not intend to have anything rigorous going on in gym. I attended a parochial school growing up and we all brought our gym shoes and us gals wore our shorts under our skirts. I am not quite sure what the issue is here though. The school decided the kids could not where gym shorts under their skirts or your board had wanted kids to have gym uniforms and they said no. I think the real issue here is what are they planning gym class to be, how often and will it enough for your kids?
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