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Board denies gym uniforms

22 years 6 months ago #63182 by DrGldy2001
Board denies gym uniforms was created by DrGldy2001
Hi all....I have a problem with our new charter school opening this year. Here is the problem....Our board has decided that our kids will not change into gym uniforms for gym...they will be wearing their school uniforms(i.e. skirts, dresspants, blouses etc.) for gym...Our parents are outraged!!!! Their reasoning for doing this is they say gym is not a major part in their mission they have set for our children. And since we dont have changing facilities for the kids they feel its not an important issue.The parents have suggested that the kids just wear their t-shirts and shorts under their school uniforms (which most of the children coming to this school this year are from parochial schools in the area that have been doing this for years)But they had a vote at the last meeting a denied having gym uniforms...HELP!!!!! The PTO is thinking of getting a petiton together..Does anyone have a suggestion on what we should do?? School starts on September 4, 2001...
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