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School board will not have open forum

22 years 9 months ago #63194 by JM
Our school board has both. They have a closed session to talk about things that should not be discussed in an open forum (like dismissals and performance problems) and an open forum that anyone can come and listen to. If there is something big brewing, like a new school that causes boundaries to be revised, then they call a special meeting to just get parent input. If I were you, I would call one of the local newspapers and tell them that you want to address the school board in an open forum and are being told that you can't. Chances are when they start asking questions, you will get results. I wouldn't mention the actual thing that you want to discuss, only that you want to discuss it.
22 years 9 months ago #63193 by Publisher
Public School or Private School? If public, the key consideration is that those school board members work for you. Voters count. In a smaller town setting, petitions and media stories make a large difference. In a public school system, parents need to have a voice. It's your system.

In a private school, obviously, things can be different. I still believe strongly that parent involvement is absolutely key. But you may have to make that case more subtly and patiently, as private schools *can*, in some ways, do as they please in this regard.

22 years 9 months ago #63192 by DrGldy2001
Replied by DrGldy2001 on topic RE: School board will not have open forum
I am talking about out school board!!! I think i could handle submitting a day or two early then talking about it at the board meeting...but they dont want us to talk at all...they want us to submit our issues to the principal and have her bring them to the board...I think this is ridiculous!! First what if the principal is the problem???!!!??? 2nd how is the principal going to answer questions about a proposal if she is not in on it or if she doesnt agree with it???!!!
22 years 9 months ago #63191 by JHB
Can we clarify... are we talking about the SCHOOL board or the PTO Board?
22 years 9 months ago #63190 by mykidsmom
Hi again!! Our charter states that the public is to request (before the meeting) time to speak with the board. Most of these issues/questions are submitted day or two before the meeting and addressed at the meeting. We don't have and "open forum" but are allowed to address the board when we sumit a question in advance.
Ask how this is stated in the charter, you may have to give the school 24 hours to find the statement but it should be in the charter.
I have learned with the charter school the "rules" tend to be a little different than a regular public school.
Quite honestly, I dread our open forum in the PTO meetings, we had an hour meeting last another hour and half because someone was "upset" about a ton of stuff she could of resolved with a meeting with the dean of students! Anyway, I hope I have helped and Congrats on your new school!
22 years 9 months ago #63189 by DrGldy2001
School board will not have open forum was created by DrGldy2001
I need leagal help...(or someone who has knowledge on how a board of directors meeting should be held) Here's my dilemma..Our board has decided that they will not open up the board meetings to Public discussion....they have stated that if we have any concerns we must submit them in writing to the Principal and she will bring them up to the board at the meeting...Can they do this...It was my understanding that a school board meeting was open to the public, and that they have to have a open forum for the parents to get issues resolved.. I would appreciate anyones help with this...thanks
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