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Telephones in buses

22 years 9 months ago #63201 by mykidsmom
Replied by mykidsmom on topic RE: Telephones in buses
I agree with JHB...that sounds more like something that the school bus company or school district should handle. As the PTO, you could sure make some noise about concerns you have!
22 years 9 months ago #63200 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Telephones in buses
Our buses seem to have some sort of radio system with a central dispatcher. If they didn't, I don't believe this is something our PTO would consider funding. For one thing, our busing contact is outsourced. For another, we would consider that something pretty elemental that the school district should handle. Your situtation may be very, very different.

Part of the time I was growing up, we were in a pretty small town. I don't remember if the buses had radios, but had one broken down, it would have been near someone's house and everyone knew everyone, so not like they were really out of touch. Of course, that was then...

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22 years 9 months ago #63199 by ncpto
Telephones in buses was created by ncpto
I was just informed our bus drivers do not have telephones or CB's in the buses. Do any of your PTO's pay for telephones/ services? What do your bus drivers do in case of emergency on the road or a student left behind at school, etc.? How do they communicate with the school while on the road? Many thanks for your answers.
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