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Principal's Micro-management

22 years 8 months ago #63219 by jep
Replied by jep on topic RE: Principal's Micro-management
Thanks for your input - I never thought to check the district for complaint procedures. I went the communication route already with the principal - I had been an officer with the PTO for two years & had worked with her closely- all the while trying to stand up for the PTO. I believe that it is simply her management style to want to be in charge of everything. The problem is, however, that she is now really overstepping her bounds with the PTO (after all, we are not her employees) and telling parents to go ahead and spend money on events without checking first with our budget/officers. I will trudge ahead - maybe the superintendent will at least have some suggestions. Thanks!
22 years 8 months ago #63218 by mykidsmom
I like your idea Jo, but what if ALL the parents affected by this ask for a 'town meeting' with the principal to air their concerns. Keep everything polite and explain to parents we need to show a concern not total mob of angry villagers.

jep- you may want to check your school's complaint procedures (or the districts) before talking to the Principal. THis is just to 'cover your can' :)

Please keep us tuned in!
22 years 8 months ago #63217 by MightyJo
Replied by MightyJo on topic RE: Principal's Micro-management
If your PTO pres. won't talk to the new principal, would you be willing to? I'm trying to decide if it's appropriate (you don't want to step on your president's toes..). I think I'd talk to the PTO pres. first & let her know you feel strongly that a PTO rep should speak with the principal. Let the principal know that one of PTO's goals is to increase parental involvement & that communication is one of the keys in doing this. Since you are a parent I believe you have the right to speak with the principal. If the direct approach doesn't work, I guess I'd try the Superintendent.

Good luck,
22 years 8 months ago #63216 by jep
Principal's Micro-management was created by jep
We are having a problem at our small elementary school (<200 kids). Our principal is micromanaging the PTO. For example -- eliminating communication from the PTO home to parents (replaced with her own newsletter), taking over PTO events and doing them herself and generally taking credit for ideas that came from parents. The kids are going to suffer as more and more parents withdraw support. She is treating the teachers the same way and we are now faced with a bad morale problem. Parents who are not generally active in the PTO now do not know what is going on and are upset with the PTO. Our president feels that the principal will do herself in and is not standing up for the parent organization. The principal cancelled the first meeting last week because of the New York tragedy but has said that it will not be rescheduled. Any ideas?
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