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Board of Ed. Recognition Suggestions

22 years 4 months ago #63222 by JFane
Replied by JFane on topic RE: Board of Ed. Recognition Suggestions
Thanks for the reply. I spoke with the art teacher in the meantime, and she is putting a beautiful display together. Thanks so much for the idea; I'll keep it in mind for the future!
22 years 4 months ago #63221 by mykidsmom
Our K-12 school presents the B.O,E, with a school yearbook. Also the 'little ones' have done drawings for the Board and that was HUGE!! THe Board (must grandparents) loved the drawings and were hung in the main lobby. Can one of the students read a poem and present the school shirt?
Hope this helps
22 years 4 months ago #63220 by JFane
This month, several schools are presenting the B.O.E. with recognition "awards" from our intermediate and middle schools. Even another k-2 school will be presenting something. Any ideas as to what we can offer them from our k-2 school? In the past, schools have framed words of thanks, crafted a fabric mural of children, etc. We don't have that much time, unfortunately. It will be awarded at the end of the month. Thanks for the help! (Our school shirt would be nice to incorporate into the project)
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