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school safety issues

22 years 4 months ago #63226 by momand treasurer
Replied by momand treasurer on topic RE: school safety issues
We have volunteers (we call Greeters)who sit by the front door and sign people in. They must state where they are going in the building and must wear a VISITOR tag. Since our administrative offices are not located by the front door (poor design!), we are looking into an intercom system with a lock release on the front door so visitors can be buzzed in when greeters are not there..
22 years 4 months ago #63225 by nicurn
Replied by nicurn on topic RE: school safety issues
our school now has all the doors locked including the front door. Currently, you have to show ID through the door window and then the person manning the sign in table will let you in. Once you get in you have to sign in at this table and take a visitor badge (a really bright orange or green sticker that says visitor on it) If you are a parent volunteer, you just pick up your name tag. I have been told that the sign in table will go on all year, the front door may or may not be unlocked anytime... that's based on the board of education's policy. I'm guessing that the other doors will remain locked for the rest of the year. Good luck.
22 years 4 months ago #63224 by Viceprez
Replied by Viceprez on topic RE: school safety issues
People need to be "buzzed into" our school first (they need to get past the secretary!) Then you need to sign in nomatter who you are and get a nametag. That's it. All the teachers have regular walkie talkies so if there are any issues they're in contact with the office right away.
22 years 4 months ago #63223 by boys9397
school safety issues was created by boys9397
Our school and district has implemented school safety as a priority with all the serious saftey world and school issues in our nation. Our school has a volunteer & visitor sign in sheet as well as a name tag (to fill in your name) and a "smiley" that you place over your name. The "smiley" turns orange over a period of time (especially when warm). That is to indicate that the name tag may be older than recent.(and possibly not belonging to that person) A parent in our school was less than pleased when hers turned orange and noone questioned her presence. My question is... (I'm sure other schools are concerned about safety)what programs have you implemented to ensure the safety and well being of your parents, children and staff members by visitors and volunteers?
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