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Teacher's Point of View

22 years 4 months ago #63247 by centralpto
Replied by centralpto on topic RE: Teacher's Point of View
This year, for the first time since I've been at our school (3 years), we have had a lot of support from our teachers. One of those reasons is the new principal we got this year. I cringed when I found out that she would be REQUIRING the teachers to attend EVERY PTO meeting. I thought to myself, if they didn't hate us before, they surely do now. And I believe that at first they truly were not happy about it. But I have kept my meetings as short as possible (so far the longest one has been 15 minutes!) and I try to do something special for the teachers every month, whether it's just a note to say they're appreciated, or a little bag of candy in their mailboxes. In return, the support they have shown us this year has been amazing. You almost wouldn't believe they are the same teachers we've had every year, but they are. Sometimes I think, just like the rest of us, they just need to feel they're appreciated, and not just for one week dedicated to teacher appreciation. One thing we're doing this year that we've never done before, is providing dinner during the evening parent teacher conferences this week. I really think the little things make all the difference. Yes, we do need their help in many of our events, but I've learned that they are more likely to be willing to help us out when they know that WE know how hard they truly do work.
22 years 4 months ago #63246 by Tschutterle
Replied by Tschutterle on topic RE: Teacher's Point of View
I have been the PTO president for the past 2 years. Last year not one single teacher attended a meeting. If they wanted anything, they put their request in my mailbox in the school's office. It is very discouraging for parents to not see any support from the staff when we spend thousands of dollars on them during the year. BUT I can also understand that teachers feel put on the spot by parents. This year I have tried to pick a happy medium by having a "staff" pto meeting right after school for the (4 out of 25)teachers that want to be involved but can't make the meetings. I am able to tell them what the pto will be discussing at the meeting that night and they are able to give their input without fear. It is a headache for me to have 2 meetings, but it might be worth it in the long run. We just have to remember that we are in it together for the children, but it is frustrating when we aren't working together.
22 years 4 months ago #63245 by elvee
Replied by elvee on topic RE: Teacher's Point of View
I agree I never knew how much time teachers spent on workshops, calling parents, etc., etc., etc., until I became involved in PTO. My pet peeve about teachers is that I think that they could support fund-raising by selling products themselves. They benefit as well. In the past we have graciously given them grants to purchase educational items. They have great teacher appreciation weeks. They are give classroom parties, ice-cream, pizza, etc., etc., why can't they help raise money as well so it doesn't fall back on the students/parents. Another item is why don't they join PTO and pay the membership me that shows no support but yet look at all that PTO gives back to them and the children. Our PTO has a bad situation due to the Past PTO was disorganized and teachers were upset. Okay but are we too blame this year. No. Let's start off fresh and go forward.
22 years 4 months ago #63244 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: Teacher's Point of View
I think you are stating it quite frankly here. I found out about how much is expected from our staff once I became PTA president and that is only because I was around the middle school all the time.

I have never asked for teachers to attend a meeting since. I also went out of my way to let every parent I came in contact with know about the time our staff puts in. We as parents just do not know!

I would only request that if a teacher, staff member or team of teachers wants something, (time,money) from our PTSA that they come and state their case at a meeting and present the motion.

On the other hand communication is very important between staff and parent groups. We post our minutes in the staff lounge and when necessary have someone report at their already scheduled staff meetings.

I think teachers tend to get a bad wrap because of the few out there who cannot bother to make sure every student gets the PTA catalogue sale flyer but are the first to come and ask for money.

I do wish they would take a few minutes to write a thank you note or two. It is so nice to send around 10 or 15 thank you notes at our meetings from the staff for the luncheon we provided or whatever. We obviously do not do these things for recognition but my goodness. It is just being polite! Instead you get stuck with reporting that out of 64 staff you ran into one or two in the hall who mentioned they really liked the breakfast we served or the assembly or whatever. I know not all schools are like that but if you are in one, it is tough.

I have seen two sides. Total enthusiastic participation from staff and total absence of staff. There has to be a middle ground, I just have not found it.

As a PTA we have found that there is very little we can do to help with their work load. We dive in when we can but so much of it cannot be handed off to someone.

At our middle school we help with the schools fund raiser, book fairs, science fairs and after school clubs.
22 years 4 months ago #63243 by alovinteacher
Teacher's Point of View was created by alovinteacher
I have read several messages about the lack of teacher involvement, “lazy” teachers, etc. This has become an issue at our PTO as well. I can only speak for myself when I say...enough is enough. Teachers are only human. We can not do it all!! Does anyone realize all of the other responsibilities teachers have? I spend more time on those “other” responsibilities than on teaching....but not by choice. Things like paperwork,(EVERYTHING must be documented), calling parents, writing notes, typing weekly newsletters, committee meetings, conferences, attending workshops, not to mention bus duty, planning, student assessment, grading papers, averaging grades, progress reports, grade cards, just to name a few. All of this with no teaching assistant, because they work with the students. This means most of this work is brought home, because there is no time to do it at school. It’s not that I do not want to be involved in the PTO, but there are only so many hours in a day. Now, because most other teachers are overwhelmed too, we are required to rotate our attendance at the PTO meetings, which are held every other week. At the last meeting, the parents suggested wonderful ideas for fundraising activities, such as a carnival, garage sale, car wash, bake sale, etc. Guess who they wanted to work all of these events? The teachers! Enough is enough! So my question do we let parents and others know...we want to help...but we can’t do it all???
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