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Can a teacher hold a position of office in the PTO?

22 years 3 months ago #63253 by MsHolloman
Thanks for all the great advice. We will be using it !! MsHollomanThanks :D
22 years 3 months ago #63252 by mykidsmom
I have found the officer of the greatest benefit to the group was the teacher that is willing to serve. If this does become or stay an issue, in our by-laws we ask for two teacher reps to serve on the board in an advisor position. They can vote and are members just that they are voted in by the teaching staff and only serve one year. This has been a happy solution to a tough issue- in our school.
22 years 3 months ago #63251 by Marion
Absolutely it's not a conflict of interest - the "T" in PTO stands for Teacher! Our vice-president is a teacher.

The only issue that might arise is finances. Our district prefers that a teacher not be treasurer or be able to sign checks.

22 years 3 months ago #63250 by MsHolloman
We are starting a new PTO and getting ready to hold our organizational meeting, our question is there a conflict of interest to have a teacher to hold a position of office in the PTO?
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