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Emergency Kits

22 years 3 months ago #63256 by dedicatedPTAmom
Replied by dedicatedPTAmom on topic RE: Emergency Kits
We do the "Emergency Kits" in our district, too. I agree that this is something no child should be without at school.

We had a 'practice run' last February when we had our 6.8 quake here in the Seattle area. The kits were a real great benefit even in that very limited (Thankfully!) exposure. Safety procedures were followed and by the time everyone was given the all clear to return to the classrooms, they'd been outside for over an hour. Due to the timing of the quake (just before 11a.m.) the kids had not had lunch yet so many teachers allowed/suggested that kids remove and item or two and snack. Many of the kids had a small game or activity (deck of cards, pocket sized puzzle book, jacks, etc.) included and the teachers said these items were a life-saver for these kids. (You can imagine the progression of emotions!)

Our kits are also stored in a rubbermaid-type lidded tub stacked next to the door and (older) kids are assigned to take them out with them. (The teachers all have a supply bucket as well with other emergency items supplied by the school and PTA).

Each family is encouraged VERY strongly several times at the beginning of the year to be sure their child has one.

Generally a one gallon zip lock freezer bag is large enough to fit enough emergency supplies for 2-3 days. (That is what is recommended for our area in the aftermath of a large earthquake.) Being a neighborhood school, however, a one-day supply is better than nothing.

There are companies that provide a very basic kit or your group can purchase items and sell the kits at cost to your families at the start of the year. Our PTA has provided some additional items that are useful for the teachers to have and we're hoping to get more radios to help the staff communicate more effectively.

If you're not already doing this and your area has the chance of getting hit by snow storms, power outages, tornados, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, or any other unforseen event (I can think of others not in the natural disaster realm that may necesitate use of these kits) strongly think of setting up this program at your school.

Okay...sorry for the long post but I agree that this is really an important safety net for our kids to have.
22 years 3 months ago #63255 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: Emergency Kits
Sounds like a really great idea. Our council sold first aid kits $6.00 (they were small bandaids, antibiotic cream, rubber gloves, road side help sign, tape, guaze scissors) they sold very well. Who doesn't need one for their car/home/PTA activity box...

How do they get the supplies? How much does it cost for one kit? If there is an earthquake who is supposed to grab the Tupperware container?
22 years 3 months ago #63254 by dkubit
Emergency Kits was created by dkubit
Maybe this is just a California thing, but I was packing emeregency kits (called Earthquake kits) here the other day and started thinking - these little kits are a great idea for any school. Each kit contains several bandaids, wet wipes, a small package of tissues, nonperishable food, a garbage bag, chapstick, a silver thermal blanket and a small game or deck of cards all of which are placed in a gallon ziploc bag. The kits main purpose in California is to aid the teachers and students incase of an earthquake, but I think every school can use them. What if there is a toxic train derailment near your school, what if a blizzard keeps them late at school, what if there is someone on the loose in your neighborhood and the school is in lockdown. There are several instances that these kits can be used other than earthquakes. I would like to put the challenge out to all schools to have this option available. Especially given the world conditions at this time. The kits are assembled by our PTA. Every student is required to have their own kit. The teacher stores all their students kits in a large rubbermaid container either in their room or a central storage area. I hope this little tip can grow into something every school considers.
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