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What is the process of Election of officers to the PTO?

22 years 3 months ago #63261 by KC Swan
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>We are a new school, and forming a PTO. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So, I guess the standard response, asking what your by-laws say,doesn't apply in this case. In that case, you need some.

Based on my past experiences, here is what I would suggest you do. But first, a warning to check anhing I say against Robert' Rules of Order.

First, draft a set of provisional by-laws. I wouldn't worry about much more than specifying officers and their duties.

Second, call an organizing meeting. Check Robert', but believe as the person who called the meeting you will call it to order. The first order of business will be to elect a presiding officer (most likely you) and a recording secretary.

Third, approve the provisional by-laws.

Fourth, elect the officers as specified in the provisional by-laws.

Fifth, appoint a committee to draft permanent by-laws. Those by-laws will then determine exactly how future elections are handled. And the committee should not assume that their officer structure must match that of the provisional by-laws.

Both the provisional and permanent by-laws should have a provision to the effect that this organization shall be governed under the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order on any matter not otherwise covered by these by-laws.

You will need to substitute the permanent by-laws for the provisional ones at a future meeting.

Your by-laws also ought to call for a nominating committee. The committee should have an odd number of people, so they can cast ballots to select their slate if they fail to reach consensus. A minority report from the nominating committee is not appropriate if they do fail to reach consensus -- any member of the committee may nominate another candidate to run for any office.

The nominating committee by-laws should also contain provisions to allow the outsiders to break up the clique. The first two members of our committee are selected by the existing board, and three others are chosen at a general meeting. The committee then selects their own chair.

Drafting thourough by-laws is the boring part of the start up. But trust me, you will later appreciate it if you take the time to do so now.
22 years 3 months ago #63260 by centralpto
Our PTO forms a nominating committee, which receives nominations from any PTO member who wishes to either nominate someone else or run for office themselves. We then hold an election. Only PTO members are able to vote in this election. The nominating committee, at least in our by-laws, do not run for office. They are responsible for counting the votes. We only have 4 offices, President, Vice-President, Treasurer & Secretary, but I know some organizations have more. I also know of some who combine the Treasurer & Secretary into one office. Hope it works out well!
22 years 3 months ago #63259 by MsHolloman
HELP!! What is the process for election of officers? Should there be a nominating committee? Who counts the votes? Can someone please help with a guideline? We are a new school, and forming a PTO. THANKS!!
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