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how to help/share ideas

22 years 3 months ago #63270 by gbmom
how to help/share ideas was created by gbmom
Hello, I have a question. My school PTO consists of a board of friends. Most work within the school system, went to school together and live in a fairly small community. While this is nice it doesn't really let parents join. I have attended meetings for the year and half the school has been open (they seem to have been togther at the previous school). I have offered opinions but feel strongly they could be doing more. There are no welcome packets, no BB, nothing explaining what they do, not even at meetings. They have been doing this for years and I think have forgotten about such things. They usually have one or two parents show up at meetings and with the exception of the principal do NOT make them feel welcome. They send a list of things they might do throughout the year for you to check by if you would like to volunteer. They may call you, they mostly will not. The same people are in charge of it all the time. They do everything/ideas/decorating/planning the parents just do the grunt work (take the money). They meet once a quarter. They met in Oct and will not meet again until Jan or Feb. They have run 2-3 fundraisers but never had anything to say thank you to the parents or the teachers for their help. They held a booksale while the YMCA was holding soccer games and the Middle school was holding a track meet but they didn't even put a sign on the door or turn the lights on to say they were in the building. My husband and I went in and asked if there was something we coudo, they said no we have ok with sale already, we'll just relax today. I am very discouraged. What can I do? Any suggestions?
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