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2/3 vote or majority rule in Missouri

22 years 3 months ago #63283 by wonder?mom
Replied by wonder?mom on topic RE: 2/3 vote or majority rule in Missouri
Well, I'm much more informed now that I have gone over each of the sites listed. I even printed the actual proposal to read at the PTO meeting tonight. Also I downloaded a pettion. If we support this amendment, we will have to be willing to appoint a commity to get signatures on the pettion. It was hard to find volunteers for room parents and such. I'm running out of eager and able folks. If our members want to support the pettion drive, I will probibly start with the school board members better halfs. Wish me luck. Our small town doesn't deal well with any kind of change well...and I've rocked the boat a lot this year. Thanks again for all the info.

22 years 3 months ago #63282 by KC Swan
Replied by KC Swan on topic RE: 2/3 vote or majority rule in Missouri
<blockquote>quote:</font><hr>allow bond issue proposals to be approved by a simple majority vote.<hr></blockquote>

I live across the state line in Kansas, and recall a few years ago when Missouri changed the law from 2/3 to 4/7 on other bond issues. The argument then was that 2/3 is so very restrictive as to make it nearly impossible to pass anything. The argument was that when 1/3 of the people are sufficient to block any issue the result is a tyranny of the minority.

I believe the Kansas City school district has not approved a bond issue since the 1960s.

Again trying to remember the earlier change, I recall reading that the 2/3 rule was originally instituted as a reaction to fraud during the railroad boom days. Bogus companies would be set up to build railroads, bond issues would be quickly approved by communities desperate for a railroad, and then the principals would abscond with the funds. The 4/7 super-majority was viewed as a reasonable compromise -- support levels still must exceed 57%, but it is harder for a minority viewpoint to block an issue.

So...should you support the change or oppose it? :D You'll have to make that decision yourself.
22 years 3 months ago #63281 by wonder?mom
Replied by wonder?mom on topic RE: 2/3 vote or majority rule in Missouri
22 years 3 months ago #63280 by JHB
I did a quick web search for you and came up with some references. I believe here in Texas, we just require a simple majority (yes, just more than half). According to one of the articles, Missouri is one of only 9 states to require a supermajority (i.e., 2/3 or 4/7).

It sounds like the State Board of Education, the Missouri School Board Association, and the PTA are all in favor of the change. While there's always someone to oppose anything, I think it's probably noteworthy that none of the 3 or 4 articles I saw mentioned any opponent groups. (But it was a really quick search...)

From what I read, it seems like this was a proposed constitutional amendment and the backup plan was to do a petition if the legislation didn't pass.

The original measure (HJR5) was sponsored by Rep. Joan Barry, D-St. Louis ( )
and Rep. Ted Farnen

I'm guessing since you're at the petition stage, it didn't make it through the legislative session. (Note, someone/some group may have mounted enough opposition, or this may just have been a common casulty of legistature with too many things to consider in too short a time.) If you need more detailed information, you may want to call one of these legislators. If they carried the orignal bill, then I would think they probably support the petition now. Or, they could tell you WHY it didn't succeed as legislation.

Here are a few links of reference about the petition attempt:

Press Release from State Board of Education

Statement by Missouri School Board Association

News Tribune Article

A Negative View of the original legislation

Hope this helps!

[ 11-11-2001: Message edited by: JHB ]</p>
22 years 3 months ago #63279 by wonder?mom
2/3 vote or majority rule in Missouri was created by wonder?mom
The Missouri School Board Association and Missouri Parent Teacher Association is sponsoring an initiative petition drive to place a constitutional amendment before Missouri voters in November 2002 to allow bond issue proposals to be approved by a simple majority vote.

Under the crrent amendment, it requires a 2/3 vote to approve a school district bond issue proposal. They want formal approval from our schools PTO and the Board or Ed.

I have to take this to our next meeting and have know idea what I'm talking about. I'm just glad I can't vote. I'm not sure if I want it to pass or not. Does anyone have an opinion or information?

My main question would be...Is majority simply more yes votes than no. If that's the case, almost everything would pass. You could have 50 people vote no and still pass if 51 people voted yes.

How can I ask for discussion if I am so uninformed? I've asked several School Board members and they were not much help.
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